The Original Dupioni Silk Bow


By adding our Gold Dupioni Silk Bows, they beautify the chandelier and give it a truly unique style. Place the silk bows anywhere you like to improve the look of your fixture.

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Dupioni Silk Bows
New from A&M Designs are our Cord Coverup® Creations™ Silk Bows. These decorative silk bows are a great way to customize your Chandelier Cord Coverup®. Interior Designers have custom designed cord covers for years. Now you can custom design your own Cord Coverup® with our Creations™ Silk Bows. You can apply these anywhere! Application is easy, the bows attach with adhesive. Simply stick them wherever you want! Add one or many silk bows to your Cord Coverup® for a custom designer look.

Size: 6”wide x 8”long.

We offer our Creations™ Silk Bows in all of our silk colors.

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Creations™ Dupioni Silk Bows......$15.99

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